• "Between the Dog and the Wolf", ARBONAUTS, selected at London International Mime Festival - January 2018

    "Between the Dog and the Wolf", ARBONAUTS, selected at London International Mime Festival 2018



    Dominique Vannod

    dancer & performance maker

  • Born in Switzerland, I moved to London in 2011 to achieve a diploma in contemporary dance at Laban Dance School. Then I got an intensive Lecoq-based training at London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA). Passionate by physical theater I took part in several exciting projects, performing especially with London-based multi-disciplinary company ARBONAUTS, at Tate Modern with international artist Tino Sehgal, at Rich Mix & Bonnie Bird Theaters, at Dance Festival Resolution!, Robin Howard Theater, London Fashion Week (Tank, Tate Modern) and Espacio Gallery.


    In 2016 I joined the Residency programme at Space@Clarence Mews, which provides independent artists and companies with stimulating environment for the research, development and creation of their new work.



  • Projects


    Art is under my eyes a powerful key to develop acceptance towards ourselves, therefore towards others. As a performance-maker my work is inspired by a long-term interest in what we all share in common as human beings.


    I like to explore the interplay between movement and meaning, looking for the truth in it. To focus on energy and presence is my main base for performative action. Rooted in a previous background in psychology, my creative impulses are forged in life experiences as well as in the professional and academic reference field.


    - Wanderlust -


    Late Bloom Festival, The Space Theater

    London 2016


    'Wanderlust' is a playful and textured tale that looks at duality. It is dedicated to the child within us who trusts its joy as it perceives the world with hope, enthusiasm and wonder.



    >> Audience members said :

    " You took us like a breeze, like a whisper in a fainted dream of something that we know we have lost"

    " Daring, comic, exciting and unexpected!


    " Beautiful uplifting performance, you made me feel I wanted to join in the end"


    " Outrageous - Brave - A captivating performance, such a furious one! It challenged the audience, at times I felt voyeuristic"


    "Full of fun and quirky moments ! "

    "At times it made me empathetic and other times laugh"











    - I love my pads -


    An explorer wanders in search of a new land, clinging to his plans, pads, advices and props. After having lost them one by one due to unforeseen circumstances he has no other choice to trust his guts and faith to carry on the journey.


    A dance-theater piece depicting the tough and chaotic yet empowering process of personal growth, as one has to let go of its former identity to embrace a new life chapter.


    Invited audience at Clarence Mews Studios said so far (2017) :


    "It's all stayed with me. I could watch it for one hour."


    "It's a tale - she's so intriguing, it's happening in a reality that is slightly altered, slightly different from this reality. It's the character of a book".


    "The movement score was astonishing as you looked like a roll !"


    "It was a very moving and genuine piece of work. Overall I see a great potential for further development, and it can become a whole piece, well done!"


    "Wonderful fluid movement - I was so captivated from the beginning"





    - T.E.E.M -

    Piece for 10 dancers created during my studies at LABAN Dance School in London (2012).


    "The world is like a magnet pulling us outward into all manner of distractions » (E. Shapiro). As a response to that thought, the topic to be addressed in this piece is an exploration of being present to one another, to another one, to other ones and to oneself. In space and time. Here and now.

    As an echo to life and its choices, the piece is arising from the dancers’ choices to meet, or not. Consequently, the spectator is a witness of this unique moment.





    - A Place in Between -

    Espacio Gallery, Shoreditch, London 2013.


    On the occasion of the private view for the exhibition "A Place in Between", Espacio Gallery asked me to create a performance.

    I chose to work on the need of security, of filling the empty spaces in ourselves in order not to feel the gaps, questions, fears, doubts....









  • Performer


    In 2013 I joined the London-based multi-disciplinary company ARBONAUTS founded by Helen Galliano and Dimitri Launder. It creates site-specific performances for a curious and adventurous audience, weaving a path between dance, visual theater, installation and sonic landscapes. An incredibly talented and inspiring team!



    "Desire Machine"

    Company ARBONAUTS, 14th - 25th of July 2015, Brunel Tunnel Museum, London

    Photo by Ludovic des Cognets


    Trailer >> http://arbonauts.org/event/thedesiremachine/

    PRESS >> http://arbonauts.org/press/



    Reviews update!


    "The highlight of the whole show was the performance by Dominique Vannod, angularity supreme across her body as she moved on all fours trying to conquer the restraint of the turning disc. The sharpness of her bones (shoulder blades, wrists etc) jutting through the skin in seemingly impossible ways was breathtaking. It conjured both insect and some larger beast, suggestive of being multi-limbed and not just restricted to the normal two/four of the human. Simply spellbinding." (Marc Nash // Sulci Collective)


    "The highlight for me was watching a rather muscular woman (Dominique Vannod) take on an animal persona as she moved across the stage on her haunches, pawing towards her target and allowing a thoughtfulness to pulse through her motions to show her thought process evolving as she got closer and closer in strategy to reaching her goal." (Emily Pulham // Making the Marrow)



    "Biped's Monitor"

    Company ARBONAUTS, theatrical site-specific piece, London 2013

    Photo by Ludovic des Cognets


    "Dominique performed a central role in Biped’s Monitor – Arbonauts’ acclaimed site-specific performance at dusk in Nunhead Cemetery. Dominique’s acute characterization and eagerness to push to the limits - coupled with a total commitment to the physical language of the production made her an essential energetic influence of our production. Her focus and stamina was evident throughout, and her ability to transport an audience’s experience through her embodiment of gesture, her intensity of gaze and raw energy is inspirational."


    Dimitri Launder & Helen Galliano
    Co-Founders Arbonauts



    Trailer >> http://arbonauts.org/event/bipeds-monitor-2013/





    Choreographer Lydia Fraser-Ward, Rich Mix Theater, London

    "That Which Grows"

    Created and directed by choreographer Lydia Fraser-Ward

    Performed at Rich Mix Theater, Women of Mass Destruction II, London 2014


    Trailer >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUa4R1-pBzw




    Created and directed by choreographer Lydia Fraser-Ward

    Performed at Rich Mix Theater, Women of Mass Destruction I, London 2012


    Trailer "Women of Mass Destruction I" >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=splWbXScBfg



    As a choreographer Lydia Fraser-Ward creates radical and risky new dance works which combine physical theatre with Contemporary dance techniques. She is motivated to play with the beauty and absurdity of everyday movement, making strange things familiar and familiar thing strange.


    Web >> http://lydiafraserward.co.uk/




    CAREFUL, Dance-Theater performance, London


    A dance/theatre performance created by FASS Senior Lecturer Alex Mermikides (Drama).

    Performed at Rose Theater studio in November 2016, at Ivy Arts Center in March 2017 -- upcoming performance will be at Rose Theater main house in June 2018


    Extract: http://vimeo.com/262707898


    Responding to a growing interest in empathy, altruism and ethics, the performance explores the meaning - and limits - of care. Created in collaboration with colleagues in Nursing, the piece puts its audience in the care of a bevvy of overstretched nurses.

    With Thalia Marie Papadopoulou, Archana Ballal, Helena Rice and Philippa Hambly


    Press: http://www.theguardian.com/healthcare-network/2016/dec/14/theatre-show-teaching-student-nurses-compassion






    Choreographer Jemma Bicknell, London

    "With This In Mind"
    Bermondsey Arch 92, London 2013

    Photo by Jonathon Vines





    "On Red and Butterflies", Bonnie Bird Theater, London

    "On Red and Butterflies"

    Created and directed by Alessandra Montagner
    Performed at Bonnie Bird Theater, LABAN Dance School & Unhinged Festival, London 2012
    With Rhys Cook



    "And then we left, with no words being professed to acknowledge our ending.
    A lot had happened between us.
    My I and your I, these two first persons, coexisted through times and spaces that left

    marks in both of us.
    Our contract was finished and so had to be our feelings.
    The nothingness of our situation is a lamentable loss of what we cannot understand yet.
    It is like pinning down a butterfly that isn’t really there."


    Web >> http://www.unhingedfestival.com/alessandra-montagner/





    Needless Alley Collective, London

    "Cabaret Voltaire", Performance Space, London 2013

    With Karine Rathle


    Performed at Performance Space in Hackney, in response to Dada material supplied by

    and researched in collaboration with the Manchester School of Art, while taking influence

    from Hugo Ball’s poem Tontentanz (Dance of Death).





    "Untitled", Performance Space, London

    "Untitled", Performance Space, London 2013

    With Karine Rathle




    LABAN Dance School, London

    Photo by Kyle Stevenson-Photofilm
    LABAN Dance School, London 2012




    LCP Dance Theatre, Robin Howard Theater, London


    Dance festival Resolution! Robin Howard Theater, London 2014

    Choreographer: Joanna Puchala


    LCP is a multimedia dance company that uses stage performance, live music and film to raise awareness of human rights violations. Uses the real story to create a choreography, combines movement with acting and other forms of performing arts to add dramaturgy and truth to the stage performance. Produces documentary films based on violated human rights in conjunction with performing arts.


    Trailer >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17cyDQK_J68

    Web >> http://www.lcpdancetheatre.com/




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